Based on the generous collaboration with Fretex (2.hand shop runned by the Salvation Army) I presented 3 works which all consisted of several plates and todays global food situation as a topic. 

Tableware stories
Plates, sepia print

The piece consist of English Tableware with its classical motives from bourgeoisie and rural life in Britain. As an extra dimension I’ve let the British people speak out about today global food situation. The spoken words are picked out from different discussion groups at the world wide web. 

Being Worlds Apart
Plates, gold

In ‘Being Worlds Apart’, the world is painted in gold on several plates of different types and sizes. The plates that are used, were initially meant to be exported out of Norway, as the were not ‘good enough’ for the Norwegian 2.hand market. Instead of physically being brought out into the world, thy are now a part of a golden globe.

Wall chart 1,2,3 and 4
Plates, sepia print

Rice, maize, wheat and potato are the most common food that feeds the world. Whilst the prize of rice has tripled in the latest year, and people get killed queuing for food, the UN is raising awareness of the importance of the potato by celebrating 2008 as The Year of the Potato. There is a hope that the knowledge of the potato, which is not so sensible when it comes to climate change and is quite tolerate when it comes to where it can be grown, can be spread world-wide and feed hungry.

Sommar 2008